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Air circuit breaker WEW1-1000 1000 amp acb withdrawable type acb  fixed type 400VAC/690VAC 1000A 3/4p acb


Air circuit breaker WEW1-1000 1000 amp acb withdrawable type acb fixed type 400VAC/690VAC 1000A 3/4p acb

Rated Current : 1000A

Number Of Poles : 3P/4P

Rated Working Voltage : 400V/690V

    Introduction to 400V Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) and Their Applications

    In the realm of electrical engineering, the importance of circuit protection cannot be overstated. The use of reliable and efficient circuit breakers is crucial in safeguarding electrical systems from overloads and short circuits. One such essential component is the 400V air circuit breaker (ACB), which plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and stability of electrical installations. In this article, we will delve into the world of 400V air circuit breakers, exploring their features, applications, and the critical role they play in modern electrical systems.

    Understanding 400V Air Circuit Breakers

    A 400V air circuit breaker is a type of circuit protection device designed to operate at a voltage of 400V. It is capable of interrupting and breaking the flow of electrical current in the event of an overload or short circuit, thereby preventing damage to the electrical system and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. These circuit breakers are specifically engineered to handle the demands of low voltage applications, making them an integral part of various industrial, commercial, and residential electrical installations.

    Main performance index of WEW1 series circuit breaker

    WEW1 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
    Rated operating current In (A),40℃
    Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
    Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV) 12
    Rated operational voltage Ue(V),AC 50/60Hz 400V/690V
    Use category B
    Rated operational voltage Ue(V),AC 50/60Hz 100%In
    Breaking capacity code M H
    Number of poles
    Rated ultimate
    short-circuit breaking
    capacity Icu (kA)
    AC380V/400V/415V 55 65
    AC690V 25 50
    Rated service breaking
    capacity Ics (kA)
    AC220/230/240V 42 55
    AC380/400/415V 20 42
    Rated short-time withstand 
    current Icw (kA/1s)
    AC220/230/240V 42 55
    AC380/400/415V 20 42
    Mechanical life
    (CO recycle)
    Maintenance 20000
    Electrical life
    (CO recycle)
    AC415V,In 2000
    AC690V,In 1000
    Standard configuration Fixed Drawetry-pe
    The body of the circuit breaker
    Drawer base
    Intelligent controller
    Upper and lower horizontal connecting wires
    Indicating contact of opening/closing
    Indicating contact of fault tripping
    Auxiliary contact 4NO+4NC
    Electric motor operating mechanism
    Shunt releas
    Optional accessories
    Phase partition Fixed Drawetry-pe
    Instantaneous undervoltage release
    Time-delay undervoltage release
    Opening and closing button lock
    Lock for the drawer base
    Lock for the separation position of the drawer seat
    Key lock
    Door interlock
    Auxiliary contact 6NO+6NC
    Electric indications of three positions on the drawer base
    Steel cable interlock
    Locking interlock
    Dual power controller
    External neutral line transformer
    Zero-sequence transformer
    Ground current transformer and its accessories
    Dimension (mm)
    Width (3P/4P) 36.5/46 46.5/46
    Height 43/55 51/55
    Depth 32.5/42 37/42
    1P 23.7/24.4/25
    2P 32.9/33.5/34.2
    Weight(kg)/Drawer 3P 42.82/42.85/43.66
    4P 53.3/53.3/53.9

    Main performance index of WEW1 series circuit breaker

    1000 (2)wok1000609

    Door frame size and installation hole spacing


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