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WLM6LY-800A-4300 4P   WLM6L Series earth leakage protection type RCCB 400V 800A 3 poles 4 Poles  mccb breaker


WLM6LY-800A-4300 4P WLM6L Series earth leakage protection type RCCB 400V 800A 3 poles 4 Poles mccb breaker

Rated Current : 800A

Number Of Poles : 3P/4P

Rated Working Voltage : 400V/690V

    Function of RCCB

    Ground Fault Protection: RCCBs are specifically designed to provide protection against ground faults by detecting and interrupting current leakage to the ground. This function is crucial in preventing electric shock and ensuring the safety of individuals working with or around electrical equipment.
    Sensitivity Adjustment: Some RCCBs are equipped with adjustable sensitivity settings, allowing users to customize the device’s response to leakage currents. This feature enables the RCCB to cater to specific applications and environments where different levels of sensitivity may be required.

    Main performance index of WLM6LY series circuit breaker

    WLM6LY  Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
    Rated current (A) of circuit breaker 40℃
    Fix type
    Lcd type
    Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
    Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV) 8
    Rated operational voltage Ue(V),AC 50/60Hz AC400(3P, 3P+N, 4P)
    Breaking capacity code C S M H
    Number of poles 2P - - - -
    3P - -
    4P - -
    Rated ultimate
    short-circuit breaking
    capacity Icu (kA)
    AC380/400/415V - - 50 65
    AC380/400/415V - - 35 50
    Rated residual making and breaking capacity
    I△ m(kA)
    AC220/230/240V - - 16.25 16.25
    Limit non-actuating time △ t (ms) 0.06s/0.2s/0.5s/1s
    Leakage alarm non-tripping function
    overcurrent tripping type Themal type
    Leakage tripping type Electronic Type
    Residual current type AC
    Standard IEC/EN 60947-2
    Utilization category A
    Ambient temperature -40℃ ~+70 ℃
    Safety of insulation
    Arcing distance 0
    Mechanical life
    (CO recycle)
    Maintenance 15000
    Electrical life
    (CO recycle)
    AC415V,In 8000
    AC690V,In 2000
    Release units
    Mounting and connection
    Front connection
    Rear connection
    Front connection
    Rear connection
    Front connection -
    Rear connection -
    DIN rail
    Front connection
    Dimension (mm)
    Width (2P/3P/4P) 210/280
    Height 275.5
    Depth 103
    Distribution protection
    2P -
    3P 8.473
    4P 11.245

    MCCB Production Line Real Showing

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