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JCBH-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker 10kA high performance


JCBH-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker 10kA high performance

Suitability for industrial isolation in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-2 and IEC/EN 60898-1 standards is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems. This includes the ability to combine short circuit and overload current protection, as well as the use of interchangeable terminals such as fail-safe cages or ring lug terminals, the inclusion of laser-printed data for quick identification and contact location indication further enhances the device's usability and safety.

Additionally, combining finger safety with IP20 terminals is essential to protect personnel from accidental contact with live parts. The option to add auxiliary equipment, remote monitoring and residual current devices provides additional flexibility and functionality to the system. Finally, the addition of comb busbars makes equipment installation faster, better, and more flexible, ultimately helping to improve the efficiency and performance of industrial applications.


    The JCBH-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is a versatile and reliable circuit protection solution with superior performance and safety features. Its compact size and rugged construction make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial and industrial environments. The circuit breaker's miniature size not only allows it to be easily installed in a variety of electrical systems, but also ensures that functionality is not compromised.

    In addition to its compact size, the JCBH-125 MCB offers superior circuit protection with its cutting-edge technology and rugged construction. This ensures unparalleled performance and reliability, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications. Whether used in residential buildings, commercial sites, industrial facilities or heavy machinery, this circuit breaker guarantees reliable and consistent performance.

    One of the outstanding features of the JCBH-125 125A miniature circuit breaker is its impressive breaking capacity of up to 10,000 amps. This high breaking capacity enables circuit breakers to effectively handle high fault currents, thereby protecting circuits from potential damage caused by short circuits or overloads. In addition, the advanced tripping mechanism can quickly disconnect the circuit under abnormal conditions, preventing electrical accidents and minimizing downtime.

    The JCBH-125 MCB’s compact size allows for easy installation in switchboards, switchboards and consumer installations, ensuring it can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of electrical systems. This versatility and ease of installation make the JCBH-125 MCB an indispensable component in ensuring reliable and robust circuit protection in diverse environments.

    Safety is the primary consideration in the design and functionality of the JCBH-125 125A miniature circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is equipped with a reliable trip mechanism that provides precise and sensitive protection of the circuit. Its advanced technology enables circuit breakers to detect overcurrent and overload and automatically disconnect circuits before any potential danger occurs, thus ensuring the safety of electrical systems and connected equipment.

    The JCB-H-125 MCB series offers many additional features, including better connectivity, superior performance and increased security levels. This comprehensive functionality acts as an important safety net, automatically interrupting power in the event of a fault, preventing potential hazards such as overheating or electrical fires.

    JCBH-125 MCB also provides strong short circuit protection, effectively preventing excessive current during short circuit. Additionally, it provides overload protection by automatically cutting off power if the electrical load exceeds its defined capacity. These protection mechanisms ensure the safety of circuits and connected equipment, giving you peace of mind in a variety of electrical installations.

    Additionally, the JCBH-125 circuit breaker is a 35mm Din rail mounted product designed for easy and safe installation. It complies with IEC 60947-2 standards, emphasizing its reliability and compliance with industry safety standards. This compliance ensures that the JCBH-125 MCB meets stringent safety requirements, making it ideal for ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems in a variety of applications.

    Product Description


    The most important features

    The most important features of our circuit breakers include comprehensive protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems. This includes short circuit and overload protection with a high breaking capacity of 10kA, providing strong defense against electrical faults. Compact 27mm width per pole and 35mm DIN rail mounting allows easy and safe installation in a variety of electrical panels and switchboards.

    The circuit breaker is equipped with a contact indicator that visually confirms contact status, adding convenience and safety. The circuit breaker has a current range of 63A to 125A, providing flexibility to meet different application requirements. Its rated impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50) Uimp is 4000V, ensuring reliable performance in the face of transient overvoltage.

    In addition, 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole configurations are available, as well as C- and D-curve characteristic options, allowing solutions to be customized to meet specific circuit protection needs. Complying with international standards such as IEC 60898-1, EN60898-1, AS/NZS 60898, and residential standards IEC60947-2, EN60947-2, AS/NZS 60947-2, it emphasizes the reliability and safety of the circuit breaker, making it a widely used Ideal for applications.


    Technical Data

    Our circuit breakers are designed to meet the highest performance and safety standards and their technical specifications prove this. The circuit breaker complies with international standards such as IEC 60898-1, EN 60898-1, IEC60947-2 and EN60947-2, ensuring its reliability and compliance with industry regulations.

    With current ratings ranging from 63A to 125A, this circuit breaker is suitable for a wide range of applications, providing flexible options to meet specific electrical system requirements. The rated operating voltage is 110V, 230V/240V (1P, 1P+N), 400V (3P, 4P), ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems.

    The rated breaking capacity is 6kA or 10kA, the insulation voltage is 500V, and the rated impulse withstand voltage is 4kV, demonstrating the circuit breaker's ability to effectively handle electrical faults and transient overvoltages. The thermal magnetic tripping characteristics are available in C-curve and D-curve options, providing tailor-made protection for different applications.

    In terms of durability, the circuit breaker has a mechanical life of 20,000 times and an electrical life of 4,000 times, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. Its protection level is IP20 and its ambient temperature range is -5°C to +40°C, making it suitable for a variety of environmental conditions.

    The circuit breaker is equipped with a contact position indicator, green means "OFF" and red means "ON", allowing visual confirmation of the contact status to improve safety. Terminal connection types include cable or pin busbar options, providing installation flexibility.

    In terms of installation, the circuit breaker is designed to be easily installed on DIN rail EN 60715 (35mm) using a quick clamp device. The recommended torque is 2.5Nm to ensure safe and reliable installation. These technical specifications highlight the circuit breaker's robust design and advanced features, making it ideal for ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems in a variety of applications.


    What is a miniature circuit breaker?

    JCBH-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is an important component in electrical systems, acting as an automatic switch to disconnect circuits under abnormal conditions such as overload or malfunction. This modern alternative to traditional fuses is widely used in low-voltage power grids because of its ability to provide reliable protection and ensure the safety of electrical systems.

    Is MCB used for safety purposes?

    In fact, miniature circuit breakers play a vital role in ensuring the safety of homes and commercial buildings by preventing overloads. Their ability to handle large amounts of power makes them a more reliable and safer option than traditional fuses. Additionally, MCBs have the advantage of ensuring that power is evenly distributed among all connected devices, contributing to a more balanced and safe electrical system.

    Can MCB protect from fire?

    The main function of the MCB is to protect against overloading, which is essential to prevent potential fire hazards. When the current exceeds the circuit rating, the miniature circuit breaker will trip and interrupt the current, effectively preventing system damage and reducing the risk of fire. This critical protective function makes MCBs an indispensable component in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems in a variety of applications.


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