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WLM6-400A-3300 3P/4P  WLM6 Series 400vac Thermal magnetic type moulded case circuit breaker 400V/690V 400A 3/4 Poles


WLM6-400A-3300 3P/4P WLM6 Series 400vac Thermal magnetic type moulded case circuit breaker 400V/690V 400A 3/4 Poles

Rated Current : 400A

Number Of Poles : 3P / 4P

Rated Working Voltage : 400V/690V





    MCCB Highlights

    Our commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous selection of materials. We utilize high-quality high carbon steel and low carbon cold rolled steel to ensure the utmost durability and performance of our products. The main iron parts are crafted from iron base materials, specifically cold rolled steel 10 # steel, known for its exceptional strength and resilience. By employing A+ materials throughout our manufacturing process, we guarantee the reliability and longevity of our products.

    Furthermore, our dedication to enhancing the properties of our materials is exemplified through the implementation of QPQ salt bath composite treatment. This advanced treatment significantly improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance of the metal surface, ensuring that our products can withstand the harshest operating conditions. As a result, the strength, mechanical life, and electrical life of our parts are enhanced by more than 10%, providing our customers with superior performance and peace of mind.

    In summary, our unwavering commitment to utilizing top-quality materials and employing advanced treatments underscores our dedication to delivering products that exceed industry standards and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

    Main performance index of WLM6 series circuit breaker

    WLM6 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
    Rated operating current In (A),40℃
    Magnetic Type 250-315-350-400
    Thermal-magnetic type 250-315-350-400
    Adjustable type 250-315-350-400
    Electric characteristics
    Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
    Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV) 8
    Rated operational voltage Ue(V),AC 50/60Hz 380/400/415,440,500,660/690
    Breaking capacity code C S M H Q
    Number of poles 1P(Adjutable has no this type) - - - - -
    2P - - - - -
    Number of poles AC220/230/240V - 50 65 70 -
    AC380/400/415V - 30 70 100 150
    AC440V - - - - -
    AC500V - - - - 65
    AC660/690V - 8 20 25 20
    Number of poles AC220/230/240V - - - - -
    AC380/400/415V - 15 50 70 150
    AC440V - - - - -
    AC500V - - - - 65
    AC660/690V - 4 10 4 20
    Utilization category A
    Ambient temperature
    Safety of insulation
    Arcing distance 0
    Mechanical life
    (CO recycle)
    Maintenance 15000
    Electrical life
    (CO recycle)
    AC415V,In 8000
    AC690V,In 1500
    Release units
    Distribution protection
    Motor protection
    Mounting and connection
    Front connection
    Rear connection
    Front connection
    Rear connection
    Front connection -
    Rear connection -
    DIN rail
    Front connection
    Dimension (mm)
    Width (3P/4P) 140/184
    Height 257
    Depth 103/111(Q type)
    Distribution protection
    1P -
    2P -
    3P 4.68
    4P 6.314

    Overall and installation dimensions of circuit breaker

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    MCCB Production Line Real Showing

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