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WLM6E-2000A-3300 3P/4P WLM6E Series MCCB 2000A electronic circuit breaker 400V/690V 3 Poles/4 Poles


WLM6E-2000A-3300 3P/4P WLM6E Series MCCB 2000A electronic circuit breaker 400V/690V 3 Poles/4 Poles

Rated Current : 2000A

Number Of Poles : 3P/4P

Rated Working Voltage : 400V/690V





    MCCB Highlights

    In addition to its advanced protection features, the WLM6E Electronic Type MCCB is distinguished by the utilization of high-quality materials in its construction, particularly in its electronic components. The electronic components of the MCCB play a pivotal role in enabling precise and responsive protection functions, and the choice of materials for these components is crucial in ensuring the reliability and longevity of the device.

    The electronic components used in the WLM6E MCCB are carefully selected to meet stringent performance and durability requirements. These components are typically constructed using materials that exhibit excellent electrical and thermal properties, as well as high mechanical strength and reliability. For instance, the printed circuit boards (PCBs) within the MCCB are often manufactured using high-quality fiberglass-reinforced epoxy laminates, which offer exceptional electrical insulation and mechanical stability, ensuring the integrity of the electronic circuits within the device.

    Furthermore, the semiconductor devices employed in the electronic control circuitry of the WLM6E MCCB are typically fabricated using advanced materials such as silicon and silicon carbide, which are renowned for their superior electrical characteristics and robustness. These semiconductor materials enable the precise control and regulation of the MCCB's protection functions, ensuring accurate and dependable operation under varying load and fault conditions.

    Main performance index of WLM6E series circuit breaker

    WLM6E Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
    Rated operating current In (A),40℃
    6 adjutable knobs 500-630-700-800-1000-1250-1500-1600
    3 adjutable knobs 500-630-700-800-1000-1250-1500-1600
    Electric characteristics
    Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
    Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV) 8
    Rated operational voltage Ue(V),AC 50/60Hz 380/400/415,440,500,660/690
    Breaking capacity code C S M H
    Number of poles 1P - - - -
    2P - - - -
    3P - -
    4P - -
    Number of poles AC220/230/240V - - - -
    AC380/400/415V - - 70 100
    AC440V - - 20 20
    AC500V - - - -
    AC660/690V - - 20 20
    Number of poles AC220/230/240V - - - -
    AC380/400/415V - - 50 70
    AC440V - - - -
    AC500V - - - -
    AC660/690V - - 10 10
    Utilization category B
    Ambient temperature
    Safety of insulation
    Arcing distance 0
    Mechanical life
    (CO recycle)
    Maintenance 2500
    Electrical life
    (CO recycle)
    AC415V,In 500
    AC690V,In 400
    Release units
    Distribution protection
    Motor protection
    Mounting and connection
    Front connection
    Rear connection -
    Front connection -
    Rear connection -
    Front connection
    Rear connection
    DIN rail
    Front connection -
    Dimension (mm)
    Width (3P/4P) 210/280
    Height 340
    Depth 141
    Distribution protection
    1P -
    2P -
    3P 16.8/17.1/18.82
    4P 21.86/23.24/24.54

    MCCB Production Line Real Showing

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