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JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB


JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB

JCR4-125 is an electrical safety device designed to immediately cut off power when hazardous levels of electrical leakage into the earth are detected. This advanced technology not only protects individuals from electric shock, but also prevents potential electrical fires and damage to electrical equipment. By quickly detecting and responding to dangerous electrical leaks, these devices provide a vital layer of safety to residential and commercial environments, giving users peace of mind and confidence in their electrical systems.


    The JCR4-125 4-pole RCD is a versatile electrical safety device that provides critical protection in a variety of environments. These RCDs can be used to provide earth fault protection for three-phase 3-wire systems, making them suitable for a variety of electrical applications. It is important to note that while the JCR4-125 RCD is invaluable in providing supplemental protection in high-risk environments, it should never be relied upon as the only method of direct contact protection.
    Additionally, the JIUCE JCRD4-125 4-pole RCD ideally requires a neutral conductor on the supply side to ensure satisfactory operation of the test circuit. Where a neutral supply is not available, alternative methods, such as installing an appropriately rated resistor, may be used to ensure operational functionality of the test button.
    These RCDs are available in two types, Type AC and Type A, each type having a specific sensitivity to fault currents.  Type AC RCDs are sensitive to sinusoidal fault currents, while type A RCDs are able to recognize sinusoidal currents and "unidirectional pulse" currents, making them suitable for systems with electronic devices that rectify currents.
    In addition to protecting against ground faults and reducing the effects of electric shock on the human body, the JCR4-125 RCD also incorporates a filter that provides protection against transient surges in the power supply, minimizing the occurrence of unintentional tripping. This comprehensive approach to electrical safety not only saves lives, it also helps protect electrical equipment and prevent potential electrical fires.

    Product Description


    Main Features

    ●Electromagnetic type, reliable operation
    ●Leakage protection to prevent the risk of electric shock
    ●Multiple options to suit various specifications
    ●Minimize the risk of uninterruptible power supply tripping unexpectedly
    ●Clear indication of contact status for easy monitoring
    ●High level of accidental electric shock protection
    ●Breaking capacity up to 6kA to handle high fault currents
    ●Current rating options up to 100A including 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A, 80A and 100A
    ●30mA, 100mA and 300mA trip sensitivities provide customized protection
    ●Available in Type A or AC to achieve different fault current detection functions
    ●Central trolley position provides clear indication of ground faults
    ●35mm DIN rail mounting for easy installation
    ●Flexible wiring from top or bottom for easy installation
    ●Complies with IEC 61008-1 and EN61008-1 quality assurance
    ●Suitable for a wide range of applications including residential, commercial and light industrial uses

    RCD Types of Load
    Type AC Resistive, capacitive, inductive loadsImmersion heater, oven / hob with resistive heating elements, electric shower, tungsten / halogen lighting
    Type A Single phase with electronic componentsSingle phase inverters, class 1 IT & multimedia equipment, power supplies for class 2 equipment, appliances such as washing machines, lighting controls, induction hobs & EV charging
    Type F Frequency controlled equipmentAppliances containing synchronous motors, some class 1 power tools, some air conditioning controllers using variable frequency speed drives
    Type B Three phase electronic equipmentInverters for speed control, ups, EV charging where DC fault current is >6mA, PV

    Standard IEC61008-1 ,  EN61008-1
    Rated current In (A)  25, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125
    Type Electromagnetic
    Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed) AC, A, AC-G, A-G, AC-S and A-S are available
    Poles 4 Pole
    Rated voltage Ue(V) 400/415
    Rated sensitivity I△n 30mA,100mA,300mA are available
    Insulation voltage Ui (V) 500
    Rated frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated breaking capacity 6kA
    Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50) Uimp (V) 6000
    Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. for 1 min 2.5kV
    Pollution degree 2
    Electrical life 2, 000
    Mechanical life 2, 000
    Contact position indicator Yes
    Protection degree IP20
    Reference temperature for setting of thermal element(℃) 30
    Ambient temperature (with daily average ≤35℃) -5...+40
    Storage temperation (℃) -25...+70
    Installation Terminal connection type Cable/U-type busbar/Pin-type busbar
    Terminal size top/bottom for cable 25mm2  , 18-3/18-2 AWG
    Terminal size top/bottom for Busbar 10/16mm2  ,18-8 /18-5AWG
    Tightening torque 2.5 N*m  /  22 In-Ibs.
    Mounting On DIN rail EN 60715 (35mm) by means of fast clip device
    Connection From top or bottom

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