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CJ19 Changeover capacitor Ac contactor

Modular Contactor

CJ19 Changeover capacitor Ac contactor

The CJ19 series switching capacitor contactor is specially designed for efficient switching of low-voltage parallel capacitors and is an important part of 380V 50Hz reactive power compensation equipment. This series of contactors are equipped with a surge current suppression device, which effectively reduces the impact of closing surge current on the capacitor and ensures smooth and reliable operation. Despite their powerful switching capabilities, these contactors are small, lightweight and easy to install, making them a versatile choice for a variety of applications. These contactors are available in sizes ranging from 25A to 95A, offering a variety of options to meet different power compensation needs.


    CJ19 series switched capacitor contactors are specially designed for efficient switching of low-voltage parallel capacitors and are widely used in reactive power compensation equipment operating at 380V AC 50Hz. The surge current system integrated in the contactor effectively reduces the impact on the capacitor, minimizes switching excessive value during circuit break, and ensures smooth and reliable operation. In addition, these contactors can replace a switching device consisting of one contactor and three current-limiting reactors, providing a compact, lightweight, and convenient alternative with high-capacity switching capabilities.
    In addition, this series of contactors complies with the IEC60947-4-1 standard to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.  CJ19 series AC contactor is suitable for circuits with rated voltage up to 400V AC 50Hz or 60Hz. It is specially designed for use in combination with low-voltage reactive power compensator or to cut off low-voltage parallel capacitors. The integrated suppression device effectively reduces the impact of transient surge current during startup and overvoltage during shutdown, further enhancing the safety and reliability of the equipment.

    Product Description

    Normal Running And Installation Conditions:

    1. Ambient air temperature: -5℃ to +40℃.  The average value within 24 hours should not exceed +35°C to ensure optimal performance and service life of the equipment.
    2. Altitude: The equipment is suitable for installation below an altitude of 2000m to ensure its adaptability to various geographical locations.
    3. Atmospheric conditions: In an environment with a temperature of 40°C, the relative humidity of the atmosphere should not exceed 50%. However, at lower temperatures, higher relative humidity may be allowed. The maximum monthly relative humidity should not exceed 90%, and special measures should be taken to prevent the occurrence of condensation to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment under different atmospheric conditions.
    4. Pollution level: The equipment is designed to operate effectively in Level 3 pollution environments, demonstrating its recovery capabilities in moderately polluted environments.
    5. Installation category: The installation category is designated as III, which indicates that the equipment is suitable for fixed installation and ensures its stability and reliability in various applications.
    6. Installation conditions: The inclination between the mounting surface and the vertical surface should not exceed II, ensuring correct installation and alignment for optimal performance and safety.
    7. Shock Impact: The product should be installed and used in places where it may be subject to frequent vibrations and shocks, highlighting its sturdy structure and ability to withstand challenging working conditions.

    The most important features

    1. The contactor adopts a direct-acting double breakpoint structure design to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Its sensitive action mechanism is easy to inspect by hand and its compact structure makes it easy to replace contacts, minimizing downtime and maintenance workload.
    2. The terminal block is protected by a cover to prevent accidental contact and ensure that connections are properly insulated, improving safety and reliability.
    3. A variety of installation methods are provided. The contactor can be installed with screws or on a 35/75mm standard rail. The deployment is flexible and can meet various installation requirements.
    4. The contactor complies with the IEC60947-4-1 standard, ensuring that its performance, safety and quality comply with international standards, giving users confidence in its reliability and suitability for a variety of applications.

    Items CJ19-25 CJ19-32 CJ19-43 CJ19-63 CJ19-95 CJ19-115 CJ19-150 CJ19-170
    Controllable capacitor   220V 6 9 10 15 28.8(240V) 34.(240V) 46(240V) 52(240V)
    Capacity   380V 12 18 20 30 50(400V) 60(400V) 80(400V 90(400V)
    Rated 1solation
    Voltage Ui V
    500 690
    Rated Operational
    Voltage Ue V
    220/240+ 380/400
    Conventional thermal current 1th A 25 32 43 63 95 200 200 275
    Rated Operational current 1eA (380V) 17 23 29 43 72.2 (400V) 87 (400V) 115(400V) 130(400V)
    Restrained surge capacity 20  1e
    Controlled power voltage 110   127   220   380
    Auxiliary contact AC.15: 360VA DC.13: 33W 1th:10A
    Operating Frequency cycles/h 120
    Electrical durability 104 10
    Mechanical durability 104 100
    Model Amax Bmax Cmax Dmax E F Note
         CJ19-25 80 47 124 76 34/35 50/60 Not only fixed by screws but also could
    be fixed with 35mm din rail
         CJ19-32 90 58 132 86 40 48
         CJ19-43 90 58 136 86 40 48
         CJ19-63 132 79 150 . . . Not only fixed by screws but also could
         CJ19-95 135 87 158 . . . be fixed with 35mm and 75mm din rail
         CJ19-115 200 120 192 155 115(400V)
         CJ19-150 200 120 192 155 Not only fixed by screws but also could
         CJ19-170 200 120 192 155 be fixed with two 35mm din rail
    6. wiring and installation
    6.1 The connection terminals are protected through insulation cover+ which is reliable and secure for installation and operation:
    6.2 For CJ19.25λ43+ screws are available for installation+ as well as the D1N rail:
         for CJ19.63λ95+ 35mm or 75mm standard rail are available for installation.
    for CJ19.115λ170+ screws are available for installation+ as well as two 35mm D1N rail.

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