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CJX2 AC Contactor Motor control and protection

Modular Contactor

CJX2 AC Contactor Motor control and protection

CJX2 series AC contactors are important components in electrical systems, performing the critical function of connecting and disconnecting power lines while also providing frequent control of motors and other equipment. By efficiently managing large currents with small currents, these contactors play a vital role in preventing overload conditions, especially when combined with thermal relays.

In addition, the versatility of the CJX2 series AC contactor allows it to be combined with a suitable thermal relay to form an electromagnetic starter. This combination protects circuits at risk of operational overload, providing an additional layer of protection and reliability. Therefore, these contactors are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including air conditioners, condenser compressors and other special purpose equipment. Their adaptability and effectiveness make them ideal for ensuring the smooth and safe operation of a variety of electrical systems.


    The CJX2 AC Contractor is a versatile and reliable component ideal for use in circuits with an AC frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. With a rated insulation voltage of 660V and operating voltage up to 800V, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Specifically, in AC-3 type circuits, it can handle rated operating voltages of 380/400V and rated operating currents up to 95A, making it ideal for tasks such as making, breaking, frequent starting and controlling AC motors.
    In addition, after the CJX2 AC contactor is combined with the auxiliary contact block, timer delayer, and mechanical interlocking device, it can be transformed into a time delay contactor, a mechanical interlocking contactor, or a star-delta starter. In addition, it can be combined with a thermal relay to form an electromagnetic starter, further expanding its functions and application scope. It should be noted that this contractor is manufactured in accordance with IEC60947-4 standards, ensuring its quality and reliability.
    The 3-pole normally open contact type of the CJX2 AC contactor makes it ideal for connecting and breaking circuits over long distances, as well as for frequent starting and control of AC motors. Its contacts can also be assembled into modular auxiliary contact groups, air retarder, mechanical interlocking mechanism and other accessories, providing flexibility and customized options for various industrial needs. In addition, it is compatible with quality standards such as IEC 60947.4, NFC 63110, VDE0660 and GB14048.4, further proving its reliability and performance.
    Featuring low power consumption, lightweight design and long service life, the CJX2 AC Contractor is designed to provide superior performance in industrial environments. It complies with IEC60947-4-1 standards to ensure safe and reliable operation, making it a trustworthy choice for a variety of industrial applications. Ensuring that the rated voltage of the coil is 380V AC is very important to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
    The CJX2 series offers a range of electromagnetic contactors designed to meet different industrial needs. For example, the CJX2-0910 model uses a 220V 50/60Hz coil, has a 3-pole and normally open configuration, and is capable of handling 9A at 380V. In addition, the CJX2-0910Z model offers flexible coil voltage options including DC12V, DC24V, DC48V, DC110V and DC220V, making it suitable for a variety of industrial electrical applications. These contactors are designed to provide safe and reliable performance, ensuring operational efficiency and peace of mind.
    The CJX2-1210 model is designed for higher voltage applications, with a rated insulation voltage (Ui) of 690V and a rated current of 12A. This AC contactor has 3 poles, including 1 normally open (NO) contact, and a coil voltage of 380V/400V (50Hz), making it ideal for demanding industrial environments, providing strong and reliable performance.
    Tthe CJX2-1211 AC contactor provides 12A rated current and has 3 poles including 1 normally closed (NC) and 1 normally open (NO) contact. With a coil voltage of 50/60Hz and optional Din rail mounting, the contactor provides a versatile and environmentally friendly solution for industrial applications, ensuring reliable operation and easy installation.
    The CJX2-1201 and CJX2-1810 models have coil voltages of 24V 50/60Hz and are available in 3-pole, normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) configurations respectively. Capable of handling 12A and 18A respectively at 380V, these contactors provide reliable, efficient performance for a variety of industrial applications.
    The CJX2-3210Z contactor is designed for high current applications, with a rated insulation voltage (Ui) of 690V and a rated current of 32A. This contactor has 3 poles, including 1 normally open (NO) contact, and a coil voltage of DC 24V, providing a powerful and versatile solution for industrial AC applications, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
    The CJX2 series electromagnetic contactors provide a comprehensive selection to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications, providing safe, reliable, and efficient performance under various voltage and current requirements.

    Product Description


    Number of contacts

    The "10" designation indicates a configuration with 3 normally open (N/O) main contacts and 1 normally open (N/O) auxiliary contact, available in various current ratings including 9A, 12A, 18A, 25A, and 32A. This configuration is ideal for applications requiring the flexibility of multiple normally open contacts and auxiliary contacts.
    The "01" designation indicates a configuration with 3 normally open (N/O) main contacts and 1 normally closed (N/C) auxiliary contact, available within the same rated current range. This configuration provides the versatility of a normally closed auxiliary contact to meet a wide range of industrial control requirements.
    The"11" designation indicates a configuration with 3 normally open (N/O) main contacts, 1 normally open (N/O) auxiliary contact, and 1 normally closed (N/C) auxiliary contact, available Higher current ratings include 40A, 50A, 65A, 80A, and 95A. This configuration provides the flexibility of normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts for applications with more complex control requirements.
    The"04" designation indicates a configuration with 4 normally open (N/O) main contacts, offering a range of current ratings including 9A, 12A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 65A, 80A and 95A. This configuration is suitable for applications requiring multiple normally open contacts without auxiliary contacts.
    The"08" designation represents a configuration with 2 normally open (N/O) main contacts and 2 normally closed (N/C) main contacts, available within the same rated current range. This configuration provides a balance of normally open and normally closed contacts, providing versatility for a variety of control and switching applications.
    The clear, systematic numbering system of the CJX2 Series contacts provides users with a straightforward way to identify the specific configuration and capacity of the contactor, ensuring the correct solution is selected for a wide range of industrial control and switching needs.

    The most important features:

    1. The iron core is made of solid materials to enhance the smoothness and sealing of suction and provide safe and efficient operation. This design ensures stable and consistent performance even under demanding conditions.
    2. The use of highly conductive silver alloy contacts is a key feature as it ensures a reliable electrical connection and minimizes the risk of voltage drops. Additionally, the flame-retardant casing provides an extra layer of safety, making this product suitable for use in a variety of industrial and commercial environments.
    3. The use of copper coils with strong electromagnetic attraction when energized is another key feature. This design ensures robust and reliable operation, allowing for efficient switching and control of circuits.
    4. The product adopts an all-plastic buckle structure, making full use of the elasticity of the plastic material itself. This innovative design eliminates the need for screws and special tools during installation or removal, saving time and labor while also reducing material costs. Snap-on construction provides a safe, hassle-free installation process, helping to improve overall efficiency and ease of use.
    Together, these key features increase the product's robustness, reliability and ease of installation, making it a versatile and practical solution for a variety of electrical applications.

    Normal Working and Installation Conditions

    1. Ambient temperature: The designed working environment temperature range of the AC contactor is -5℃ to +40℃, and the average value within 24 hours does not exceed +35℃. This temperature range ensures optimal performance and service life of the device under normal operating conditions.
    2. Altitude: The AC contactor is suitable for use below an altitude of 2000m, ensuring its compatibility with a wide range of installation locations.
    3. Atmospheric conditions: In an environment where the temperature reaches 40°C, the relative humidity of the atmosphere should be kept below 50%. At lower temperatures, higher relative humidity may exist. In addition, the maximum monthly relative humidity should not exceed 90%. If condensation forms due to temperature changes, special precautions should be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the equipment.
    4. Pollution level: The AC contactor is designed to operate in a pollution level 3 environment, ensuring its recovery capability in moderately polluted environments.
    5. Installation Category: The installation category of the AC contactor is designated as Category III, indicating that it is suitable for use in fixed installations.
    6. Installation conditions: The inclination between the installation surface and the vertical surface should not exceed ±5° to ensure correct alignment and installation of the equipment for optimal performance and safety.
    7. Impact and impact: It is recommended that the AC contactor be installed and used in a place without strong vibration and impact to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment during operation.
    These specified operating and installation conditions are essential to ensure reliable, safe operation of the AC contactor in a variety of environments and operating settings. Complying with these conditions will help maintain the performance and service life of the equipment and contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of the electrical system.


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