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DC6 mccb accessories motor drive DC24V 110VDC 220V AC 400V

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DC6 mccb accessories motor drive DC24V 110VDC 220V AC 400V


    It  is  suitable  for  closing,opening  and  re-opening  of  circuit  breakers  at  long  distances  as  well   a automation applications.
    A:Protection  level:IP40
    ·Reliable  insulation;
    ·With isolation function indication;
    ·0(open),I(closed)and  free  trip  3  position  indications;
    ·Free  circuit  breaker  trip;
    ·Manually or automatically operated circuit breakers for closing and opening.
    B:manul operation
    Pull the'manulouto'switch to the manul posiion and turn the operation handle to swith on and off the circuit breaker.
    C:automatic operation
    Pull the'monulauto"switch to the automatic position,and remotely press the "close or open"but ton to switch on and off the circuit breaker.
    D:Automatically switch on or off by pulse or self-holding signal control.
    E:Only when the control voltoge is ≥85%Un and ≤110%Un can the cirait breaker be reliably switched on and off.

    Model descriplion


    Note: The 1600 frame motor-driven mechanism is assembled in the factory and is suitable for
    electronic circuit breakers and disconnectors according to the inside of the circuit breaker.

    Electrical characteristics

    Model/type 125/160/250/400/630/800/1250/2000
    Ue AC230V, 400V, DC24V
    Hz 50HZ

    Installation dimension diagram of motor operating mechanism

    gfd (2)s9b
    Product Model DC6 -160 DC6 -250 DC6 -400 DC6 -800 DC6 -2000
     Size  A  110 140  177   174   174
     H  62 59  61   78   78
     W  90 105  140   210   210

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