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JCHA Weatherproof Consumer unit IP65 Electric switchboard waterproof distribution box

Distribution Box

JCHA Weatherproof Consumer unit IP65 Electric switchboard waterproof distribution box

The consumer unit JCHA is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial environments requiring a high level of IP protection. Its rugged design makes it suitable for surface mounting, providing installation flexibility. The scope of delivery includes housing, door, device DIN rail, N + PE terminals, front cover with device cutout, blank cover and all necessary installation materials to ensure comprehensive and convenient installation.


     The JCHA weatherproof consumer unit is a versatile and reliable solution designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications including integration, automation, control and solar. Its rugged design and high degree of IP protection make it ideal for outdoor use, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a durable and long-lasting solution for outdoor electrical applications.

     JIUCE understands the importance of reliable consumer devices and offers high-quality products with a range of features to simplify your device management. From quick-release covers to IP65 water- and dust-proof enclosures, these consumer devices from JIUCE deliver superior performance at the heart of your home wiring solution. You can confidently use this case outdoors and in environments with high exposure to dust and splashing water.

     JCHA weatherproof consumer units are ideal for outdoor use, including garages or sheds where water or wet materials may come into contact with the unit. Made from high-quality ABS with UV protection, the panel is durable and halogen-free, ensuring safety and reliability. Each weatherproof enclosure comes with built-in neutral and ground terminals and an easy-to-install bracket.

     These units feature dust-proof, waterproof, flame-retardant ABS enclosures and safety covers to minimize fire risk and provide a clean, low-profile and stylish appearance for visible installations. Available in different sizes, ranging from 4-way to 26-way, you can choose the right size to meet your specific needs. Nominal insulation voltage of 1000V AC-1500V DC ensures optimal performance regardless of size.

     The JCHA weatherproof consumer unit has an IK10 earthquake resistance rating, making it capable of withstanding heavy impacts. In addition, the device is IP65 rated, making it waterproof and can still work well in heavy rain or snow. Suitable for surface mounting, the unit is designed with an ABS flame-retardant housing for safety and impressively high impact resistance for long-lasting and heavy-duty use.

     In summary, JCHA weatherproof consumer units are the perfect solution for outdoor electrical applications that require reliable, durable and high-performance equipment.

    Product Description

    Main Features

     ● Available in 4-way, 8-way, 12-way, 18-way, 26-way: JCHA weatherproof consumer units are available in a variety of sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that’s right for you, whether it’s a small or small residential application Capacity for specific needs. Larger industrial environment.

     ● Nominal insulation voltage: 1000V AC - 1500V DC: The nominal insulation voltage of electrical equipment is 1000V AC-1500V DC, which ensures the best performance and safety and is suitable for various electrical applications.

     ● Impact Resistance: IK10: This unit has an IK10 impact rating and is designed to withstand heavy impacts, providing durability and reliability in challenging environments.

     ● IP65 protection rating: The device's IP65 protection rating ensures that it is waterproof and remains functional even in harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use and exposure to dust and splashing water.

     ● Transparent door: The user unit adopts a transparent door, which allows easy viewing and inspection of internal components without opening the casing, improving the convenience and safety of maintenance and operation.

     ● Suitable for surface mounting: The consumer unit is specially designed for surface mounting, with flexible installation and suitable for various applications and environments.

     ● ABS flame retardant shell: The unit adopts ABS flame retardant shell to ensure safe and reliable operation, especially in fire safety environments.

     ● High Impact Resistance: Consumer devices feature impressively high impact resistance, capable of withstanding heavy use and delivering long-lasting performance, making them a reliable solution for demanding applications.

     ● Complies with BS EN 60439-3: Consumer devices comply with BS EN 60439-3, an industry standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear components, ensuring quality and reliability of their design and performance.

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