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JCMCU Metal Consumer unit IP40 Electric switchboard distribution box

Distribution Box

JCMCU Metal Consumer unit IP40 Electric switchboard distribution box

The JCMCU Consumer Unit Series circuit protection devices not only provide flexible and versatile solutions for 18th edition electrical installations, but also offer advanced features to ensure the safety and efficiency of modern electrical systems. With a focus on innovation and reliability, these devices are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of electrical installations, providing enhanced protection against electrical faults and ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial applications, the JCMCU family of consumer units is the trusted choice for professionals looking for high-quality circuit protection solutions.


    The JCMCU surge protection metal consumer device is equipped with a 100A rated MS (main switch) input and T2 SPD (surge protection device), which provides strong circuit protection against surges and overloads, ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations. These surge protection consumer devices are designed to provide comprehensive protection for modern electrical systems against unexpected surges and overloads that can damage sensitive equipment.
    When an RCBO (residual current circuit breaker with overload protection) is attached as a draw-out device, the power-consuming unit can provide not only surge and overload protection, but also residual current protection, thereby enhancing the overall safety of the electrical system.
    JCMCU Surge Protection Consumer Units are available in 7 frame sizes, available in modes ranging from 4 to 22, and are now equipped with an additional MCB for SPD protection. While this MCB occupies one of the available means, the SPD is now unipolar, providing additional available means to accommodate other important components.
    To ensure complete circuit protection, these consumer units require additional output devices such as MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) or Type A RCBOs, allowing customization to specific installation requirements.
    JCMCU Metal Consumer Appliances are manufactured from steel and comply with the 18th edition regulations, designed to meet the latest industry standards ensuring durability and reliability of a wide range of electrical installations.
    JCMCU metal consuming units use state-of-the-art technology to ensure power distribution with maximum efficiency and safety. It comes with numerous features such as circuit breakers, surge protection, and RCD protection to ensure that your property and its occupants are protected from electrical hazards. Additionally, the consumer units are designed to provide reliable and uninterrupted power distribution, making them suitable for both commercial and residential environments. Whether you are looking for a consumer unit that can ensure safe and reliable power distribution in a large office building or a single-family home, metal consumer units are a versatile and reliable choice.
    Installation of metal consumer units is straightforward and requires little effort and skill. The unit comes with a comprehensive installation guide, ensuring installation is easy even for novice electricians. Additionally, it comes pre-wired with easy-to-use screw terminals for quick and easy installation, saving time and effort during setup.
    JCMCU metal consumer units are compact and won’t take up much space in your home or office. This unit is designed to fit into small spaces, making it ideal for use in homes with limited space. Its space-saving design ensures it can be easily installed in a variety of environments without compromising functionality or safety.

    Product Description

    Main Features

     ● Provide 4Way, 6Way, 8 Way, 10 Way, 12 Way, 14Way, 16 Way, 18 Way, 22 Way, providing a variety of options to meet different installation requirements.
     ● Protection grade IP40, ensuring protection against the entry of solid objects and limiting the entry of water.
     ● Comply with the overload and surge protection requirements of the 18th edition of regulations and meet the latest electrical installation industry standards.
     ● Amendment 3 is non-combustible and has a metal casing to ensure safety and comply with regulatory requirements.
     ● Equipped with MCB-protected SPD (Surge Protection Device) line inlet to provide enhanced surge protection.
     ● The grounding and neutral point terminals on the top make wiring convenient and orderly.
     ● Suitable for surface mounting, providing flexible installation options.
     ● The front cover now comes standard with captive screws, ensuring safe and easy maintenance and inspection.
     ● Fully enclosed metal structure body with pull-down metal cover to provide durability and protection for internal components.
     ● Multiple round cable entry holes (25 and 32mm) on the top and bottom, and 40mm on the sides and back, plus a larger rear slot, provide a variety of cable entry options.
     ● The raised keyhole ensures safe and convenient installation, ensuring stability and simplicity of installation.
     ● Raised Din Rail improves cable routing and promotes orderly and efficient cable management.
     ● Contemporary white polyester powder coating, providing a stylish and professional look.
     ● Spacious and convenient wiring space provides extra space for RCBO, enabling easy and orderly wiring connections.
     ● Flexible connection, multiple protection methods can be configured, and customized options can be provided according to specific installation requirements.
     ● The main switch is included in the metal consumption unit, providing reliable and essential components for power distribution.
     ● RCD metal consumption unit, providing additional protection against electrical faults.
     ● Dual RCD metal consumer units, providing enhanced safety and flexibility for a variety of electrical installations.
     ● The maximum load can reach 100A/125A, ensuring compatibility with a variety of electrical systems.
     ● Comply with BS EN 61439-3, meeting the requirements for low-voltage switchgear and control equipment components.

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