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JCSPV Photovoltaic surge protection Device 1000Vdc Solar surge

AC Surge Protective Device

JCSPV Photovoltaic surge protection Device 1000Vdc Solar surge

JCSPV photovoltaic surge protection devices are specially designed to protect photovoltaic power supply networks from the damaging effects of lightning surge voltages. By utilizing specialized varistors, these devices provide common-mode as well as common-differential mode protection, ensuring complete protection against potential electrical interference. This advanced technology enables photovoltaic systems to operate with greater reliability and resiliency even in the face of unpredictable environmental conditions.


    Indirect lightning strikes pose a significant threat to the integrity of photovoltaic (PV) systems. While anecdotal observations of lightning activity may not accurately reflect the potential for lightning-induced overvoltages in PV arrays, the damaging effects of indirect lightning strikes on sensitive PV equipment cannot be underestimated. The high cost of repairing or replacing damaged components, coupled with the negative impact on overall PV system reliability, highlights the urgent need for effective protective measures.
    When lightning strikes a solar photovoltaic system, transient currents and voltages are generated within the system's electrical wiring loops, causing potential damage to various electrical and electronic components such as photovoltaic panels, inverters, control and communication equipment, and building installation equipment. of insulation and dielectric faults. It is worth noting that combiner boxes, inverters and MPPT (maximum power point tracker) equipment are particularly susceptible to failure in this situation.
    Our JCSPV surge protection devices play a vital role in preventing high-energy surges from causing voltage damage to photovoltaic system electronics. Specifically, the JCSPV DC surge protector SPD Type 2 is designed for isolated DC voltage systems with ratings ranging from 600V to 1500V DC, with short circuit current ratings up to 1000 A. The unit is designed for installation on the DC side. Photovoltaic systems use advanced technology to protect terminal equipment such as solar panels and inverters from lightning surge currents. By implementing these protective measures, PV system operators can significantly increase the resiliency and longevity of their installations in the face of unpredictable lightning events.
     Our JCSPV surge protection devices are carefully designed to protect the photovoltaic supply network from the harmful effects of lightning surge voltages, providing unparalleled protection for your photovoltaic system, especially during thunderstorms and severe weather conditions. This proactive approach not only safeguards the longevity and performance of your PV system, it also significantly reduces the risk of damage, ensuring uninterrupted operation and giving you peace of mind.
    An outstanding feature of our photovoltaic surge protection devices is their ability to handle photovoltaic voltages up to 1500 V DC, setting new standards for robust protection. With a nominal discharge current In of 20kA (8/20 µs) and a maximum discharge current Imax of 40kA (8/20 µs) per path, the device provides excellent protection against lightning surges, thereby enhancing the resilience of the photovoltaic system. .
    Additionally, our plug-in module design makes it easy to install and maintain equipment, streamlining the process and minimizing downtime. The device's usability is further enhanced by the inclusion of a user-friendly status indication system with visual cues, with a green light indicating normal function and a red light indicating the need for replacement. This intuitive feature simplifies monitoring and maintenance of PV systems, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
    It is worth noting that our photovoltaic surge protectors have a high protection level of ≤3.5KV and meet the strict requirements of IEC61643-31 and EN 50539-11 standards. This compliance highlights the device’s reliability and effectiveness in protecting your PV system from overvoltage caused by lightning strikes, providing a comprehensive safety net for your valuable investment.
    With their advanced features and unparalleled protection, our JCSPV surge protection devices become the ultimate solution for all your PV system protection needs, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted performance in the face of unpredictable environmental challenges.

    Product Description


    Main Features

     ● Provide multiple voltage options of 500Vdc, 600Vdc, 800Vdc, 1000Vdc, 1200Vdc, 1500Vdc to meet the diverse needs of photovoltaic systems and ensure compatibility with various installations.
     ● Able to withstand photovoltaic voltages up to 1500V DC, providing strong protection for high-voltage photovoltaic systems and enhancing the versatility of the equipment.
     ● The nominal discharge current In of each channel is 20kA (8/20 µs), and the maximum discharge current Imax is 40kA (8/20 µs), which provides excellent surge protection capabilities and enhances the ability of the photovoltaic system to withstand lightning surges.
     ● High protection level, protection level ≤3.5KV, comprehensive protection against overvoltage, meeting strict safety standards.
     ● Using user-friendly plug-in module design with status indication to facilitate equipment installation, maintenance and monitoring, minimizing downtime and simplifying operation.
     ● With visual indication function, green light indicates normal function, red light indicates the need for replacement, simplifying equipment status monitoring and ensuring timely maintenance.
     ● Provide remote indication contact options for remote monitoring and status reporting to increase convenience and proactive maintenance.
     ● Fully complies with industry standards such as IEC61643-31 and EN 50539-11, ensuring the reliability and performance of the equipment and complying with strict safety and quality requirements.

    Type Type2
    Network PV network
    Pole 2 P 3P
    Max. PV operating voltage Ucpv 500Vdc, 600 Vdc,800Vdc 1000 V dc,1200Vdc,1500Vdc
    Current withstand short circuit PV Iscpv 15 000 A
    Nominal discharge current    In 20 kA
    Max. discharge current  Imax 40kA
    Protection level  Up 3.5kV
    Connection mode(s) +/-/PE
    Connection to Network By screw terminals: 2.5-25 mm²
    Mounting Symmetrical rail 35 mm (DIN 60715)
    Operating temperature -40 / +85°C
    Protection rating IP20
    Visual Indication Green=Good, Red=Replace
    Standards compliance IEC 61643-31 / EN 61643-31

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